We understand busy schedules and lifestyles; the UConn OSH Post-Baccalaureate Certificate is a five course, 15-credit, asynchronous online program that you can participate in from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

Below is a listing of the courses we offer, however, all courses are not offered every semester.

Core Courses (9-credits)

AH 3570 – Health and Safety Management in the Workplace (fall online)
Knowledge and skills necessary to develop a sustainable occupational health and safety management program in the workplace toward the goal of preventing illness and injury, and property damage.

AH 3571 – Health Hazards in the Workplace (spring – rotates between online and in-person)  Anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and communication of health hazards in the workplace.

AH 3573 – Health and Safety Standards in the Workplace (fall online)
Comprehensive overview of workplace health and safety regulatory processes and standards.

Elective Courses (6-credits, select two)

AH 3173 – Psychology of Workplace Safety (spring online)
Knowledge of the human factors and behaviors that have an impact upon the safety performance of employees in the workplace, and intervention strategies to improve individual and organizational safety performance.

AH 3175E – Environmental Health (to be determined)
Course will focus on the environmental health consequences of exposure to toxic chemicals, food contaminants and radiation. Basic principles of toxicology will be discussed, followed by lectures on specific topics such as: cancer, occupational hazards, radiation, genetic bio monitoring, risk assessment techniques, risk/benefit analysis, social/legal aspects of regulating toxic chemicals, and other related topics.

AH 3275 – Hazwoper*, (fall in-person; summer online)
Provides individuals the necessary knowledge and training to meet the criteria for certification recognized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in work activities related to hazardous waste sites and clean-up operations involving hazardous substances. Mandatory off-site field exercise required.

AH 3278 – Worker's Compensation** (spring online)
Knowledge of state and federal workers' compensation laws, and the interrelationship of these laws with other laws; laws governing workplace injuries and practical considerations for handling of claims.

AH 3574 – Ergonomics (spring – rotates between online and in-person))
Knowledge and skills for achieving optimal relationships between humans and their work environment.

* Course completion (in-person only) results in the awarding of a 40-hour HAZWOPER certificate.
** May be offered online in summer session